Report: Amanda Bynes Displaying Two Personalities

July 25, 2013 By:
Report: Amanda Bynes Displaying Two Personalities

Even though Amanda Bynes has long been trying to convince us she’s not crazy, by tweeting “I’m not crazy,” unnamed sources have told TMZ that Amanda goes in and out of sanity and actively refers to two personalities, “Good Amanda” and “Bad Amanda.

Despite what Amanda wants us to believe with those old tweets, the source says doctors have diagnosed Amanda with severe mental illness “with schizophrenic tendencies.” When Amanda talks about “bad Amanda,” she’ll bite at herself and pull at her body, like she’s having an exorcism.

This actually seems to fit with a lot of Amanda’s tweets. She constantly tweets that photos of her in the press are of "imposters." Maybe she thinks those photos are of “bad Amanda.” Who knows?

Actually, one of Amanda’s former NY neighbors recently opened up to the NY Daily News about Amanda’s obsession with denying weird behavior.

“Everything she said out loud, she thought she was saying in her head,” the neighbor Ana Rivera revealed, “She says in public that it wasn’t her, it must be an imposter, I don’t think she’s even aware or remembers going out in those outfits, and so she genuinely believes it’s not her.”

Back to the 5150 hold.  The source inside the hospital says Amanda was sane for 10 hours and then all of a sudden her eyes went big and she demanded to know where her dog was.

The hospital staff told her the dog was with her parents and she started yelling, “they’ll kill it, just like they tried to kill me.”

She then had to be physically restrained because she was getting so out of control.

Also, Amanda was drug tested and she only came up positive for marijuana. A lot of people suspected she was abusing all kinds of drugs in recent months, so it’s interesting to hear she wasn’t using anything besides weed.