Kris Jenner Wants to Stage Amanda Bynes’ Comeback

June 19, 2013 By:
Kris Jenner Wants to Stage Amanda Bynes’ Comeback

Momager to the rescue? Kris Jenner, who has more than her share of experience working with clients who live and breathe fame (her kids), thinks she can help steer Amanda Bynes in the right direction.

This all according to Star magazine’s phantom source who claims Kris has visions of adding Amanda to her client list.

“Kris is dying to have a meeting with Amanda,” an insider said. “She thinks she can help Amanda get the mental help she needs.”

Once Amanda cleans up, Kris thinks she can assist the former actress, now aspiring rapper, further her music career. It was just last week that a label exec of Chinga Chang Records Daniel Herman announced he offered Amanda a recording deal.

But Kris thinks she can do better, what with a certain personal "Yeezus" in her social circle.

“Kris thinks she can get Amanda to sign as her client by promising she’ll get Kanye [West] to work with her,” the source added. “Kanye would never give the time of day to someone like Amanda, and Kris is well aware of that. Kris is a master of manipulation."