The Game Mistakes Amanda Bynes for a Murderer

May 30, 2013 By:
The Game Mistakes Amanda Bynes for a Murderer
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We can’t blame rapper The Game here because unpredictable and shape-shifting Amanda Bynes is a hard one to keep up with these days.

With all the bad hair, feud inciting and legal issues, she’s like a one-woman Nancy Grace special, which is probably why he got Amanda confused with Amanda Knox or Jodi Arias.

TMZ crossed paths with Game in New York City this week to ask him what he thinks about her recent behavior.

“F**k Amanda Bynes,” he responded. “She the killer? Is she the person that killed somebody or something?”

When the cameraman corrects him, Game explained his confusion. “I get my killers mixed up.”

As for her self-announced rap career she’s about to pursue, Game thinks she has a chance. But not before butchering her identity one more time.

“Oh, Jodi Bynes, she’s dope, man,” Game answered, still in a state of confusion.

Once he gets the context of Amanda’s story organized—that she’s been smoking mad weed, getting arrested, allegedly throwing bongs out apartment windows, like she’s a Goodfella—Game finally gets her name right and approves of her street cred.