Doctor Confirms Amanda Bynes’ Nose Job

July 9, 2013 By:
Doctor Confirms Amanda Bynes’ Nose Job

Amanda Bynes’ new bread-and-butter is tweeting about her nose job and to be completely honest we thought she was lying about it.

Yesterday, Amanda wrote that her nose was broken and totally bruised.

Then Amanda stepped out at court this morning and her nose looked pretty normal. Wouldn’t she be wearing a bandage or a brace? So, is Amanda lying about her nose job for attention?

Not exactly. Plastic Surgeon Brian S. Glatt MD (who has not treated Amanda Bynes) checked out the photos from court and is positive her nose has had recent work done.

“She absolutely had work done on her nose and very recently,” the doctor tells Hollyscoop, “Her tip is extremely swollen and lacks contour and shape secondary to this swelling – this is very common early on after extensive work on someone’s nasal tip.”

In Amanda’s latest Twitter mumblings, she mentioned something about the bone under her eyes. Dr. Glatt confirmed that too.

“Even the bridge of her nose is swollen and poorly defined and shows some bruising and inflammation, which she is mostly hiding under her sunglasses.  I would guess she has a good amount of bruising under her eyes which is being hidden under the shades!” adds Dr. Glatt.

So Amanda Bynes really is having marathon nose job surgeries. It's safe to say you should continue to worry about her.