Amanda Bynes' Wig Evolution

July 14, 2013 By:
Amanda Bynes' Wig Evolution

The only thing more exciting/terrifying than Amanda Bynes’ Twitter account is her ever-evolving range of hair pieces.

Amanda has more money than God, yet her wigs look like something out of the discount bin at “Halloween City.”

In honor of Amanda Bynes’ relevance and general debauchery, this is Amanda’s wig evolution. You're welcome. 

1. Amanda with a full head of human hair. 

2. Amanda still rocking her natural hair, but with an unnatural pink hue. Clearly embarrassed about it. 

3. Amanda rocking goldilocks curls and shoving them inside a Trapstar beanie where they belong!


4. Amanda saying, "f*ck hair"

5. Amanda debuting her blonde weave to her loyal followers. 

6. Amanda's rapunzel weave gets some bangs and a quick visit to a dry bar. 

7. Amanda trades in her bleach blonde wig for a bright blue one, because she's natural like that.