Amanda Bynes' Weird Solo Hot Tub Trip

June 17, 2013 By:
Amanda Bynes' Weird Solo Hot Tub Trip

When Amanda Bynes isn’t tweeting, wearing wigs, or acting strange…she’s doing all three at the same time while lounging in random hot tubs.

Amanda, who sadly doesn’t seem to have many friends, just took a solo trip to the Revel Hotel in Atlantic City. Well, according to onlookers she was joined by her dog. A small white dog, which isn’t the same dog she had last week, so who knows. Maybe she stole a dog?

TMZ reports that while wearing her favorite blonde wig, she soaked in the hot tub with her iPhone (how else would she be able to tweet tubside without it?) and graced fans with photos.

The only catch was, Amanda would have to approve the photos on the fan’s camera and would delete it if she thought she looked “ugly,” which, as we all know, is her worst nightmare!

Later that day, onlookers revealed that she was stumbling around the casino drunk (okay, who doesn’t stumble around casinos intoxicated? No judgment there) but apparently she accosted a man who took an unflattering photo of her and tried to steal his camera.

Yep, sounds like Amanda.