Amanda Bynes Uses Her Dog as a Paparazzi Shield

July 11, 2013 By:
Amanda Bynes Uses Her Dog as a Paparazzi Shield

Amanda Bynes can barely take care of a wig, yet she thought it was a good idea to adopt a dog.

Amanda took her dog to a kennel in NYC yesterday and used the dog to shield herself from the paparazzi, because that’s what dogs are used for. Dogs and masks are basically interchangeable, everyone knows that. 

Amanda later returned to the kennel to pick up the dog. Was he being groomed? Does he need to be doggy sat while Amanda is aimlessly roaming around NYC and tweeting?

According to Amanda’s former friend Jonathan Jaxson, “her dog is her only friend.”

The best part about this story is all the ridiculous ways various gossip blogs have decided to title this update. Apparently there are A LOT of variations on “using her dog as a shield.”

-Amanda Bynes uses a live dog as a mask

-Amanda Bynes' puppy falls victim to chaotic lifestyle

-Amanda Bynes goes doggy style, placing a small pup in front of her face

-Amanda Bynes covers face with small dog after court date