Amanda Bynes Tweets Spooky New Pic

May 3, 2013 By:
Amanda Bynes Tweets Spooky New Pic


The Twitter account of The Amazing Human Meme Amanda Bynes is a world traveling circus with a host of kooky 140-character characters.

You never know what her next act will be, and on this Friday morning, the latest trick Amanda has up her sleeve…is a ghost.

Now, to be fair, all of Amanda’s selfies are pretty scary. Together they rival those infamous “This is your brain on drugs” PSAs that seared their anti-narcotics message into our minds one fried egg at a time.

But this is her spookiest look to date—a high-saturated, washed-out twitpic of herself sticking out her tongue while wearing a platinum blonde wig and bold eyeliner, one eye closed, the other half-open.

She takes a cheeky, playful tone with her caption, writing “Peek A Boo,” as if she’s asking us if we can see her.

Oh, we see you, Amanda. We’ve been seeing you.

This tweet proceeded by a retweet of an InTouch article on Amanda in which she’s quoted as saying, “I’m not crazy.”