Amanda Bynes Turned Away from Hotel Bar After DUI Arrest

April 9, 2012 By:
Amanda Bynes Turned Away from Hotel Bar After DUI Arrest

Hours after actress Amanda Bynes was arrested for driving under the influence, she headed back to a bar, where she was refused entry.

Multiple sources confirm that Bynes and some pals tried to get into the hotel bar at The Standard Hotel on Sunset Blvd. Friday night—the day she was arrested—but the doorman refused to let her inside.

According to TMZ, staff members knew Bynes was at the nightclub drinking the night before, when she was arrested in the wee hours of Friday morning for driving under the influence. Oh, and she also hit a cop car.

Apparently, The Standard didn’t want to be associated with that level of alcoholism, so they denied her entry. Sources say Bynes and her friends left the hotel without causing a scene.

Bynes was put in a West Hollywood jail around 3 a.m. Friday morning after she allegedly hit that cop car. Amanda was released on $5,000 bail. Her reps have not responded to any calls for comment.

Earlier this year, Bynes got into another altercation with officers. She was pulled over for talking on her cell phone while driving. And when the officer was filling out her ticket, she decided the best way to deal with the situation was to drive away.

Later on, the actress Tweeted: “Live fast die young bad girls do it well.”

And in honor of that, here are a few more meaningful Tweets courtesy of Amanda Bynes:

"Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are gorgeous!"

"Did I mention I dyed my hair lilac?!?!?! LILAC !!!!!!!!"

"F-ck Yeah!"