Amanda Bynes Sues Over Naked Rumor

November 1, 2012 By:
Amanda Bynes Sues Over Naked Rumor

Of all the things she’s been accused of over the past year, it was a reported naked frolic in public that put Amanda Bynes over the edge…go figure.

Amanda, the spiraling starlet that has been more or less out of the public eye as of late, is gearing up to sue tabloid In Touch after the magazine claimed the 26-year-old was seen tromping about in an NYC tanning salon, sans clothes.

As if to say, “I may be crazy but I’m not that crazy,” according to Celebuzz, the tenderfooted wild child plans to sue the glossy for—what she calls—a false report.

What she actually said was, “That’s not true, I’ll sue,”

via text message to the celeb tracker website.

“When she’s in she’s usually just in and out,” an anonymous salon staffer said, backing Amanda retort.

Citing an eyewitness source, the original story pinned Bynes to a scene at Beach Bum Tanning, claiming she emerged from a private tanning room in search of a pair of goggles wearing nothing but an artificial tan.

Amanda “didn’t seem to care that everyone saw her naked,” the source said, adding that she looked “painfully thin” and “totally out of it.”

While the report was a little too bizarre to believe—even for Amanda—it’s not much of a stretch in regards to her recent streak. She did, after all, (reportedly) lock herself in a Los Angeles store dressing room for two hours in September.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only alleged falsified story to land the gossip mag in hot water over the past 10 days. Tom Cruise—action star extraordinaire and recent divorcée—recently filed a suit against In Touch and Life & Style for a whopping $50 million for claiming that he abandoned his daughter Suri.

Lesson learned: In Touch’s much ado about nothing reporting could conclude with a hefty bill…