Amanda Bynes Showing Signs of Psychiatric Disorder

April 5, 2013 By:
Amanda Bynes Showing Signs of Psychiatric Disorder

We’ve all been making fun of Amanda Bynes lately. Sure, we're guilty of it.  From her bizarre makeover, to her strange behavior, to those ridiculous Twitter photos, to her recent admission that she has an eating disorder, she’s SUCH an easy target. But now it’s getting serious.

According to Harvard Medical School Psychiatrist Helen M. Farrell, Amanda is a walking example of a psychiatric disorder, specifically mania.

“For women, many psychiatric disorders are triggered in their late 20s,” Helen tells Hollyscoop.

Amanda is 27.

“Many of her behaviors appear consistent with mania. Behaving reckless with cars and drugs, impulsively lashing out, dressing in bizarre fashions, and disregarding family members who were once close, are all signs of manic behavior.”

Amanda got a DUI. Drives around aimlessly smoking weed in her car. Dresses like an extra in a Tyga video. And appears to have no family or friends.

But what about Amanda’s so-called “eating disorder.” Amanda tweeted today that she has an eating disorder and back in February she said her “goal weight” was 100 lbs. She is 5’8,” 100 pounds is about twenty pounds underweight for someone her height.

According to Sharon Fried Buchalter, PHD and licensed psychologist to the stars:

“It doesn't surprise me that Amanda’s behavior has been so erratic lately.  In fact, personality traits of people with eating disorders can include low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and a need to control.  Eating disorders also diminish one’s ability to think clearly,” Sharon tells us.

In some cases, if an eating disorder gets too bad, Amanda could be a candidate for involuntary psychiatric treatment AKA a 5150 hold, the same thing that happened to Britney Spears after she locked herself in her bathroom with her kids and about 30 prescription drugs.