Amanda Bynes Seen Smoking Mysterious Substance In Her Car Outside Baja Fresh

September 13, 2012 By:
Amanda Bynes Seen Smoking Mysterious Substance In Her Car Outside Baja Fresh

Amanda Bynes is turning into the ultimate wreck. After her string of DUIs, suspended licenses, tweets to Obama and just general vehicle-related debauchery she’s now been caught smoking marijuana in her car.

Anyways, Amanda was caught smoking weed in her parked car while she sat outside of a Baja Fresh in the Valley. That last sentence is also the definition of a stoner.

She was smoking out of a pipe that was designed to look like the cigarette lighters that come in the car. This was her attempt at keeping her drug use under the radar.

If she thought she was being sneaky but using those lighter pipes, she dropped the ball because leftover bud is scattered throughout the cup holder.

TMZ has the photos as they trailed her around LA on Amanda’s very weird drive.

First Amanda sat in the parking lot of the Baja Fresh and smoked from the pipe and ate tacos. She is alone in the car, mind you, and at one point is seen laughing maniacally to no one? I seriously hope something on the radio was very very funny.

She then went to a spa for three hours and after that, drove aimlessly around LA for several hours and then finally ended up at Home Depot where she took another hit from the pipe in the parking lot. Because you need to be high before shopping for home repairs?

Not only that, but last time we checked, Amanda’s license is still suspended. Driving aimlessly on a suspended license AND smoking weed? I don’t even know how Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes aren’t best friends yet.

However, Amanda was pulled over in LA on Sunday night for driving without her headlights on and was only given a verbal warning.