Amanda Bynes Pulled Over AGAIN, Has Car Impounded

September 17, 2012 By:
Amanda Bynes Pulled Over AGAIN, Has Car Impounded

You can’t take the crazy out of Amanda Bynes, but you can take her car away…

After dodging tickets, and allegedly fleeing from the scene of accidents, Bynes’ stupidly bad driving record has finally caught up to her. The retired 26-year-old actress was pulled over yet again this weekend and this time the police have had enough.

TMZ reports that, on Sunday morning, Bynes was pulled over in Burbank driving her now infamous – and likely pretty beat up - black BMW.

Cops ran Amanda’s license to discover what we already knew… It’s SUSPENDED!

As a result, her car was impounded and she was given a misdemeanor ticket for driving on a suspended license.

This isn’t the first time that Amanda’s been stopped by police post-suspension. As Hollyscoop previously reported, Bynes was pulled over on September 9 for driving at night without her headlights. Lucky for her that time, she was only given a verbal warning.

Since then, she was also in a minor fender bender that was caught on camera by TMZ. Again, no tickets were administered…

Her spiraling behavior has become so out of control and overwhelming that it could even make one wonder if she is trying out her own Joaquin Phoenix performance art project…I’m Still Here 2: The Amanda Bynes Story.

Amanda’s license suspension was likely issued due to the long list of traffic violations that has only been growing with time. It is probably specifically related to a DUI that happened earlier this year.

Still, according to friends who talked to TMZ, “everything’s fine” with Amanda and her recent visit to crazy town is just being blown way out of proportion…