Amanda Bynes' Massive Hospital Bill Revealed

September 3, 2013 By:
Amanda Bynes' Massive Hospital Bill Revealed

Do you feel like you haven’t read about Amanda Bynes in a while? That’s because the actress is undergoing treatment at UCLA Medical Center in an effort to get better.

However, it doesn’t come cheap.

Apparently it costs $3,500 a day, sources told TMZ. A large percentage of this cost is due to her living at the medical facility as her health progresses.

These figures arrived following the news on Friday from TMZ that doctors could potentially keep Amanda on a long-term hold for up to one full year per a judge’s recent ruling.

They only want to keep her for 60 days, but currently nothing is certain. If she were to stay the full amount of time, it could cost $1,277,500. Her insurance under the Screen Actors’ Guild will cover a small portion of the cost, but not a significant amount.

Even at the 60 day goal, it’ll cost her $210,000. That’s a lot of money, but if it could save Amanda’s life, then of course it’s worth it.