Amanda Bynes Loses Gym Membership For Smoking Weed In Bathroom

April 23, 2013 By:
Amanda Bynes Loses Gym Membership For Smoking Weed In Bathroom

# Of Gyms Amanda Bynes Has Been Kicked Out Of = 3

# Of Times Amanda Has Been Caught Smoking Weed = Too Many To Count

Finding Tweets Amanda Has Sent To Drake = Priceless

So, Amanda has just been kicked out of ANOTHER workout establishment for not following the rules. The pertinent rule being: don't do drugs here. 

Just last month Amanda was kicked out of an adult gymnastics class for wearing lingerie, muttering to herself, and crying. She also got kicked out of SoulCycle for putting her makeup on during class!

Now, she’s been kicked out of a Planet Fitness gym for smoking weed in the bathroom on 4/20. In her defense, it WAS 4/20. 

Amanda denied the allegations on Twitter. Addressing the haters has become a full-time job for her lately. She wrote, “I don’t smoke in the bathroom. I also don’t smoke pot I smoke tobacco!”

Oh right, because on the national weed holiday (4/20) Amanda decided to roll her own cigarette, take it to the gym, work on her cardiovascular health, and then go into the bathroom and smoke a legal cigarette. That makes sense when she could have smoked OUTSIDE!

Amanda was also recently spotted smoking what appeared to be a joint in the middle of Times Square, but the gossip world can only identify it as a “suspicious looking cigarette,” for legal reasons…you know.