Amanda Bynes: 'I Want Drake to Murder My Vagina'

March 22, 2013 By:
Amanda Bynes: 'I Want Drake to Murder My Vagina'

Women everywhere have a new spokesperson today…

Feminist Amanda Bynes has spoken up on Twitter, this time straight from her other heart. The former Nickelodeon actress has continued her desperate and very public streak of hot mess-ness by formally asking rapper Drake to go to town on her vagina.

On Thursday, the new ratchet recruit tweeted: “I want @drake to murder my vagina.”

The message sent a shock wave across the Internet, with outlets from E! News to Gawker reporting the story, not quite sure what to make of it. As of publication, the message has been retweeted over 13,000 times; making this the most significant thing Amanda’s contributed to humanity since "retiring" from acting.

Amanda’s Twitter army of followers, which grew significantly overnight, were quick to relish in the bizarre event, responding with messages like “@AmandaBynes can hang” and “Where is your mother.”

While this isn’t the first time that Amanda’s professed her boarderline obsessive love for the “Find Your Love” singer, it is the most direct. But, with previous tweets like: “If I'm not following you on twitter, I hate you” and “He's Rocking That Incest Face,” is anyone really surprised by this?

In other news, Amanda and Drake just shot way up the list of contenders to star in Fifty Shades of Grey