Amanda Bynes Gets Gold Grill For Rap Career

July 12, 2013 By:
Amanda Bynes Gets Gold Grill For Rap Career

Amanda Bynes’ “rapper” makeover won’t quit. The pseudo ratchet “star” has just commissioned celebrity jeweler Ben Baller to make her a rose gold grill.

A $10,000 rose gold and pink diamond grill to be exact.

Where does Amanda get her money? That’s not important.

Ben has made grills for Justin Bieber, Nicole Richie, Snoop Lion, Rob Kardashian, Drake…basically everyone. Amanda has now commissioned his high-class bling.

Ben posted this photo of a mold of Amanda’s teeth and also mentioned on Instagram that “she’s a lot prettier in person.”

Ben went to Amanda’s apartment to make the custom grill and said, “Amanda is cool as f*ck. And she rocks J’s too and her sweatpant game is proper. She even ordered room service.”

When he says “J’s” he means the shoe, Air Jordans.

With her “sweatpant game” being “proper” and a grill in the works, Amanda is basically halfway to becoming a really mediocre rapper. We can’t wait for her first single. It’s probably going to be called “Wigs” or “You’re Ugly,” whatever.