Amanda Bynes’ Former Drug Dealer to Drop Huge Bomb

July 12, 2013 By:
Amanda Bynes’ Former Drug Dealer to Drop Huge Bomb

Last we checked in on Amanda Bynes, she was still acting bizarre, denying that bizarre behavior, wearing her dog like a mask, and most recently getting a gold grill for her forthcoming rap career.

But Amanda’s next move will really have jaws dropping.

“There is a girl who lives in Denver who has known Amanda for years. This girl used to be her drug dealer. In the next week, she is coming out with an explosive on-record interview that is going to shock everyone. This girl has texts to back up all of her claims. It is going to be huge and destroy Amanda,” Amanda’s friend Jonathan Jaxson tells Hollyscoop exclusively.


Everyone has wondered about Amanda’s drug use. Obviously she was arrested for weed possession (of course, she denied it), but many don’t think marijuana is to blame for the erratic behavior, strange wigs, and “you’re ugly” tweets.

Jonathan states that he’s currently in contact with Amanda and texts her often. He also said that the reports claiming Amanda is going to rehab are false, “Amanda is definitely NOT seeking any sort of treatment.” As for Amanda’s constant tweets about nose jobs, Jonathan doesn’t think it’s 100% true, “she was never hospitalized for a nose job. It must have been a procedure that was in and out, similar to a visit for Botox.”

There you have it. Jonathan worked as a celebrity publicist for many years and seems to know just about everything dirty happening behind-the-scenes in Hollywood and they’re all dished in his new book, “Don’t You Know Who I Am Yet?