Amanda Bynes Does the Walk of Shame Leaving Jail

April 6, 2012 By:
Amanda Bynes Does the Walk of Shame Leaving Jail

Amanda Bynes just left a West Hollywood jail after being arrested for a DUI early this morning, around 3 a.m.

Amanda was busted after she side-swiped a police car. Yes, that happened. She was put in jail overnight but released this morning. Still wearing her clothes from the night before, Bynes was donning some dark shades and pink hair.

Amanda joins the plethora of other celebs who have mug shots under their belts. So what did the shot look like? Pretty much like someone who just drank a bunch of booze and hit a cop car.

E! News is reporting that “Bynes was booked at the West Hollywood Sheriff's Station and bail was set at $5,000. She was released this morning without being required to pay the bond and was issued a citation.”

Nice to know that I live in the same city where starlets can get away with hitting a cop car, but I have to pay $340 for merely touching my cell phone while stopped at a red light. Yes, I know this is the third time I’ve mentioned that here. I’m still bitter.

Amanda will still have to report to court, but no date has yet been set, and the investigation is ongoing. Amanda’s rep was unavailable for comment.

Bynes is not afraid of the cops, that’s for sure. Last month, she was pulled over for talking on her cell phone. She bolted from the scene before the cop finished writing the ticket. I had no idea it was that easy.