Amanda Bynes Could Be in Mental Facility Through 2015

September 26, 2013 By:
Amanda Bynes Could Be in Mental Facility Through 2015
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Amanda Bynes’ lawyer appeared in New York City court today where a bombshell was dropped: The actress could remain in a mental health facility until 2015.

Amanda’s lawyer, Gerald Shargel, is defending Amanda in the court case centered around the incident in which she threw a bong out of her apartment window during a police visit.

In order to properly do so, however, he asked for a postponement on the case for up to 18 months, citing Amanda’s psychiatric treatment as the reason.

Sources close to the hearing told TMZ that the most likely outcome for this case is that it’ll be plea bargained, mostly because the prosecution doesn’t have an airtight case. In other words, it’s not strong enough to guarantee a conviction, so it’ll probably just be dropped altogether.

Also corroborating Amanda’s dire mental state is Amanda’s mother, Lynn Bynes, who’s dropping her bid for permanent conservatorship—which is actually in the best interest of her daughter.

Amanda’s currently under an ironclad LPS hold—which actually gives doctors a firmer grip on Amanda’s well-being than Amanda’s mom—however they’re also open to cooperating in that they’re allowing Lynn total reign over all medical and financial decisions.

Everyone’s just looking out for Amanda's health.