Amanda Bynes Compared to Amy Winehouse

July 2, 2013 By:
Amanda Bynes Compared to Amy Winehouse

Amanda Bynes has been on something of a tragic streak lately. It’s safe to say her bizarre behavior these past few months/year hasn’t gone unnoticed—eccentricities that have cast her under an unpopular light.

It’s getting so worrisome now that friends (supposedly) close to her during this strange era in her career are comparing her to Amy Winehouse.

Jonathan Jaxson, a Hollywood publicist who doesn't shy from speaking up on the actress’s behalf, told the Daily Mail: ''She's been promising several individuals to record and appear at places, but just can't keep her commitments for whatever reason.”

"She would rather be alone than have friends with her in person. Amanda is not a Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears, she is taking the steps of both of those combined with Amy Winehouse mixed in. Sadly, it could turn tragic unless she gets well!''

As we’ve seen in paparazzi photos and her own Twitter (our only concrete glimpses into her life), besides her new puppy, Amanda is often alone. No friends to confide in, no family she wants to associate with, and according to Jonathan, no doctors to assist the former child star with her…state of mind.

“She’s definitely not OK,” Jonathan added, who claims to exchange text message conversations with her on a fairly regular basis. “Still more erratic as ever and between the drugs and what ever mental things she maybe is going through, she's only getting worse. From what I know, she's not on medication or even seen a doctor.”