Amanda Bynes Breaks Her Silence

October 5, 2012 By:
Amanda Bynes Breaks Her Silence

Amanda Bynes breaks her silence…on Twitter!

Hahaha gotcha, you thought something important was going down and all this post is about is to let you know that after months of zero activity on the micro-blogging site, Amanda Bynes was tweeted SOMETHING.

Are you ready to find out what Amanda said after all these months!? What does she have to say to Lindsay Lohan!? What does she say to the paparazzi who hound her!? What does she have to say about her DUI!?

A happy face!? A HAPPY FACE!

Oh the insignificance of it all! The vagueness is mind boggling! What can that mean!? All is well with Miss. Bynes!? She's happy? She has a face!? Ahhhhh.

The best part is all the comments to the post. Tons of non-ironic responses have popped up like this:

And this:

And perhaps strangest of all, rapper Earl Sweatshirt of rap collective Odd Future (the same group that boasts Frank Ocean) was concerned for Amanda as well.

Stay tuned. I think some really intense stuff is about to unfold.