Amanda Bynes Attacks Paparazzi - "I Have to Look Beautiful"

September 21, 2012 By:
Amanda Bynes Attacks Paparazzi -

Amanda Bynes is a manic crazy homeless lady now who mostly just walks up and down Sunset boulevard going to lunch by herself and wearing red lipstick just in case the paparazzi shows up. Oh also, she’s beating up paparazzi and demanding they take “beautiful” photos of her. Keep reading.

Now that Amanda’s entire management team has ditched her a-s, obviously nobody is around to tell her to “keep a low-profile,” so Amanda traipses around LA every day by herself, going to lunch alone at Rosa Mexicano on Sunset, and wearing fur shawls like it isn’t 90 degrees in Los Angeles everyday.

So anyways, during this bizarre Hollywood outing that went down on Monday night in LA, Amanda is accosted by a paparazzo and immediately shields her face. Pretty normal behavior…for now.

Then as the pap snaps away, Amanda bum-rushes the guy, starts grabbing his camera and says, “let me see the footage you just got. You have to delete the first one!”

Calm down girl, this ain’t a photo-session for a new Facebook profile picture!

Finally Amanda decides to play nice, “Let’s get along,” she tells him, “I like your shirt. I’ll take the photo.”

Then she grabs the camera and apparently pinches the dudes neck as we hear the paparazzo yelling, “You dug your nails into my neck, lady!”

Finally Amanda regains her composure and practically begs, “You have to delete the one of my face, I have to look beautiful!”

Amanda finally walks away and the paparazzo continues to yell at her for reportedly grabbing and pinching him!

One of Amanda’s friends Shifty Shellshock, frontman for Crazy Town but most famous for his stint on “Celebrity Rehab” told Hollyscoop exclusively that Amanda Bynes is headed down a bad path:

"The fine line between having fun and destroying yourself is harder to see the more you cross it. I hope she gets the help she needs. I have a masters in chaos and it only gets worse with out achieving and pursuing some kind of balance and humility."

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