Amanda Bynes Admits She Had Her Breast Implants Removed

June 21, 2013 By:
Amanda Bynes Admits She Had Her Breast Implants Removed

Amanda Bynes says she had her breast implants removed. Wait, Amanda Bynes had breast implants?

Remember those photos of Amanda in a bra? Those photos were apparently taken right after the boob job. Yes, those photos were taken in May. Yes, Amanda had a boob job in May and now in June has decided to have them removed.

And just like Amanda’s flip-flop attitude over Drake’s “ugliness,” the Twitter star is just as indifferent about her boobs. Boobs today, gone tomorrow.

“I got my breast implants removed,” Amanda told via email, “They were uncomfortable…I prefer them out.”

Uhhhmm okay.

According to another source, Amanda changed her mind because she got a “tube lodged in her breast and Amanda was in pain.”

But Amanda doesn’t mind, “they look amazing without the implants!”

So, what she’s trying to say is…Amanda’s normal boobs look amazing as normal boobs?

What was the point of this story? Oh yeah, Amanda got a boob job and a breast reduction all in the span of 6 weeks. Hooray for Hollyweird!