Amanda Bynes Acts So Crazy – Gets Kicked Out Of Gym Class

September 20, 2012 By:
Amanda Bynes Acts So Crazy – Gets Kicked Out Of Gym Class

We used to say that Amanda Bynes was the new Lindsay Lohan, but honestly she’s probably the new Charlie Sheen.

Now that Amanda doesn’t have a car to wreak havoc in, she’s taking her odd behavior with her to the gym.

Sources told TMZ that Amanda Bynes went to a spin class at Equinox but halfway through she got up and started wandering through the class looking for a new bike. Ok, so that’s not THAT weird…yet.

Then she gets on a new bike and takes her shirt off! She’s not even wearing a sports bra, she’s wearing a strapless push-up bra! Like, Victoria’s Secret status!

Then, when the rest of the class is still cycling, Amanda starts putting on her make-up for 10 minutes before the instructor gets fed up with her and kicks her out of the class. A source also told Hollyscoop that she was sipping on a diet coke while riding her bike. Classy.

Oh also, Amanda just announced that she’s retired from acting (but we already knew this) and says she’s moving to NY to work on her fashion career. Right, when she says “fashion career,” she’s really saying, “legging collection at Wal-Mart.”

Oh also, in case you cared…Amanda Bynes thinks LiLo is “not cool” for writing the tweet about Amanda not getting punished. She reportedly told friends that she’s glad Lindsay was arrested yesterday, calling it “karma.”

And just to further prove that Amanda Bynes is going nutzo, she called People magazine on the phone to tell them that she is “doing amazing.”

“Hi, is this People? This is Amanda Bynes? I’m just calling to tell you I’m not crazy and I’m a fashion designer now. Now can you give me the phone number for Mr. Barack, I’ve got a DUI that I need erased. K thanks bye!” – is what I imagine the conversation sounded like.