Amanda Bynes Abandoned By Management Team

September 21, 2012 By:
Amanda Bynes Abandoned By Management Team

The staff around Amanda Bynes is dropping like flies and who could blame them?

Following a series of driving violations and what appears to be a trip to crazy town, the retired actress is losing her staff left and right. So far, her agent, publicist and entertainment lawyer have all abandoned ship.

TMZ reports that the sudden move by the three-part team is directly related to her recent drama that the media has latched onto like Velcro. Reportedly, leading up to recent times, Amanda was a “dream client,” but has become uncontrollable in the last 12 months. Plus – other than her bad behavior – what is there to manage, really? She doesn’t work anymore…

To make matters worse, the team has also reportedly not been able to get in touch with Bynes for the past month. According to a source, all three of the members have made several efforts to get in touch with her, but so far those efforts are wasted.

Sources close to Bynes say that her opinion on the matter is one of “good riddance.” She feels she no longer needs their services because – like I said – she doesn’t work anymore and is transitioning to a career in fashion. Someone who does want Bynes, though, is Goodyear… Yeah, the car tire company!

Goodyear has offered the 26-year-old free private driving lessons in an effort to curb her tendency to run into other vehicles… Except they put it a little more elegantly:

“Dear Amanda… (‘Thaaaat’s Me!’),” the letter starts. “We’re sorry to hear about your latest driving mishap. We understand that you’ve struggled behind the wheel before, and that driving can be a real challenge…”

The letter goes on to offer Bynes a free trip to the company headquarters in Akron, where she would receive a private, one-on-one session with a professional driver and “no paparazzi allowed.”

Lindsay Lohan received the same offer from the company…

Amanda was arrested earlier this year for a DUI and has since been charged with two hit-and-runs. A hearing for the hit-and-runs is scheduled for next month.