Alicia Keys Thinking About Adoption

June 14, 2008 By:
Alicia Keys Thinking About Adoption

Alicia Keys is thinking about becoming a mom soon. She attended a screening of the documentary We Are Together last night about the children of Agape Orphanage in South Africa.

Alicia co-founded the Keep A Child Alive foundation, which promotes HIV/AIDS awareness and supports the Agape orphanage. So this is a subject matter she's thought a lot about. Alicia credit Angelina Jolie for being such an inspiration.

She says, "It's beautiful the way that she embraces children of the world, and that's the thing. We all are one. We're not as separate as we often think."

Alicia says when she gets to the stage in her life when she wants to be a mother, adoption is a definite option for her. We think she'd be an amazing mother!