Ali Lohan Gets a Gig

June 19, 2008 By:
Ali Lohan Gets a Gig

Lindsay's little sister Ali Lohan can finally stop nagging about wanted to be like her big sis because she's scored herself a movie role.

Ali is reportedly in serious talks with director John Carl Buechler to be casted for the leaded role in the remake of his 1986 film "Troll."

"The camera loves her. She's a really good actress...I am personally going to fight for her," he told E!

Ali auditioned for the role last week. "She was great," said Buechler. The $25 million remake is being financed independently, said Buechler.

"It's a retelling of the original story with some twists."

As long as she steers clear of the party scene and multiple DUI's, she might actually have a future in Hollywood.