Pretty Wild Star Begins Jail Time

June 24, 2010 By:
Pretty Wild Star Begins Jail Time

Pretty Wild star Alexis Neiers is beginning her jail sentence today.

She pleaded no contest in May to the burglary of Orlando Bloom's home and was sentenced to spend six months behind bars. According to a detective's testimony back in December, Neiers admitted to being drunk the night of the burglary, and also said she threw up in Orlando's bushes…..classy!!!

Pretty Wild Star: I Didn't Do Anything Wrong

According to TMZ, the judge ordered Neiers 180 days behind bars with 4 days credit. She’ll spend those long days at the women’s jail in Lynwood, CA, which is where Paris Hilton was placed back in 2007.

Alexis’ parents were with her in court, and waved goodbye to their daughter as she was whisked away.

Pretty Wild Star Gets 180 Days in Jail!

She probably won’t spend the full 180 days in jail, since nobody ever does (namely celebrities). But for now, we’re glad she’s getting what she deserves. Good riddance! Hopefully she’ll learn a lesson in there.