Hollywood Burglar Alexis Neiers Writing a Book

September 28, 2010 By:
Hollywood Burglar Alexis Neiers Writing a Book

All you need to do to get a book deal these days is be a criminal, a reality star, or both! Alexis Neiers of Pretty Wild fame is reportedly writing a book “loosely based on her life,” according to TMZ.

The description reads in part: "Think Gossip Girl goes to Hollywood -- It is a cautionary tale as well as a guilty pleasure; the reader is plunged into the crazy, out-of-control world of one of Hollywood’s most infamous party girls."

This is pretty ridiculous, considering the fact that the only reason she’s even famous is because she was part of the Burglar Bunch that broke into celebrity homes like Orlando Bloom’s. She went to jail for 30 days and claimed to be a different person upon release.

She said in a statement in July, "I feel very humbled and see my life in a way that I have come to be very grateful for and I am also grateful to everyone who has helped and supported me through this.”

Why that constitutes writing a book we don’t know! We’re getting a little tired of all these socialite “memoirs” being pumped out all the time. At least Alexis is working with a ghost writer—Sheryl Berk is on board for the project, the woman who brought us Britney Spears and Jamie-Lynn Spears’ books.

Enough said.