Alexis Neiers. biography

NAME:Alexis Neiers BIRTH DATE:June 20, 1991 (Age: 23) PLACE OF BIRTH:Los Angeles, California

Alexis Christine Neiers was born on June 20, 1991, in Los Angeles, California and first became a recognizable face around Hollywood when security tapes of her and her friends robbing a celebrity's house hit the web in 2009. After pleading no contest to burglary charges, however, Alexis was able to pull her image back together with the premiere of her family's reality series Pretty Wild in March 2010.

Featuring Alexis' mother and former model Andrea Arlington, her biological sister Gabby and adopted sister Tess Taylor, the show was an immediate ratings puller in part of Alexis' evolving legal problems and ultimately reignited the family's relevance in Hollywood.

Now known as the "Bling Ring," Alexis and her high school buddies slyly targeted Hollywood's biggest names based on clothing and jewelry they were seen wearing in various magazines. The celebrity gang successfully raided the homes of Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Tisdale, Audrina Patridge, Paul Oakenfold, Rachel Bilson and Paris Hilton, despite the Hilton heiress arriving home while the burglary was in process.

But with success comes cockiness and cockiness most always leads to carelessness, which is exactly what happened when the gang arrived at Orlando Bloom's house. Once they were seen breaking into Orlando's estate on surveillance footage, the "Bling Ring" traded in their blinged-out bracelets and watches for a cold pair of handcuffs.

After pleading no contest and receiving 180 days in county jail with three years' probation, Alexis reported to jail on June 24, 2010, where she was placed in a cell next to Lindsay Lohan before being released that same day.

Although they might have started off as a gang of fame-obsessed teens, Alexis and the rest of her crew officially reached stardom when their thieving events inspired a Hollywood production, titled The Bling Ring (2013) with Emma Watson portraying the Pretty Wild starlet.

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