Alexis Neiers Arrested for Heroin Possession

December 1, 2010 By:
Alexis Neiers Arrested for Heroin Possession

Alexis Neiers was arrested this morning for being in possession of heroin. And not just any heroine—black tar heroin, which is produced in Latin America.

Yes, she’s the idiot who was arrested for burglarizing Orlando Bloom and other celeb’s homes earlier this year. She went to jail for just one month, and was placed on probation in July.

Only problem is, Neiers never checked in for probation, so the cops decided to pay her a little visit to her home today. That’s when they found the heroin, and placed Neiers under arrest.

According to TMZ, Alexis was also found with a fake ID—a drivers license from Florida. She’s only 19, so I assume this is what she uses to party in Hollywood at the 21+ clubs.

She was booked on three counts -- probation violation, possession of a controlled substance, and perjury (for the fake ID).

Looks like she’s headed back behind bars! What a moron!