Alexander McQueen Had a Bad Romance Before Death

February 14, 2010 By:
Alexander McQueen Had a Bad Romance Before Death

Designer Alexander McQueen faced many heartaches in the past few years.

His muse committed suicide three years ago, he lost his beloved mother earlier this month and now we've learned that he was heartbroken over a failed romance.

In an unpublished interview with Australia's Harper's Bazaar magazine, McQueen revealed he was hurting following the breakdown of his relationship with a mystery lover.

McQueen told the publication in January that he was seeing a mystery man and loved him so much he had his named tattooed on his arm--only to be devastated when his lover left him.

He said, "(He was) a b**tard who went back to Australia and I was left looking at his name."

The interview will be published in the magazine's upcoming April (10) issue. So tragic!