Kate Hudson Being Called A-Rod's Good Luck Charm

November 2, 2009 By:
Kate Hudson Being Called A-Rod's Good Luck Charm

Alex Rodriguez has been on fire in the World Series. Not known for being clutch in the post season, A-Rod has stepped up to the plate almost every game and delivered for his team.

So why is the all-star playing above and beyond his usual skills? Some say Kate Hudson plays a major role. New York Post sports columnist David Wells says Kate has become Alex’s good luck charm.

"There were so many distractions in Alex Rodriguez's life before this year," he writes. “But he's got a good woman with him now in Kate," Wells says, calling the actress "a good luck charm" and "the perfect complement to him."

Wells goes on to say Kate is a "down-to-earth chick.” "She's just supportive of him, and that empowers him with an 'I don't give a damn' attitude. I've seen her out, and she likes to have fun, so why can't A-Rod do that? And don't worry about what people think about you."

Well, whatever it is, A-Rod helped bring the Yanks to another victory against the Phillies last night, beating them 7-4. They’ll play again tonight in Game 5, and if New York wins, the Yankees will be the 2009 champs. Think Kate’s good luck will carry them through tonight?