Alex Rodriquez is Dating a Professional Wrestler

December 31, 2011 By:
Alex Rodriquez is Dating a Professional Wrestler

Alex Rodriquez, as in A-Rod the NY Yankees Star and Cameron Diaz’s ex, is dating a former pro wrestler. What is even up with hot famous men dating professional wrestlers? First Stacy Kiebler nabs George Clooney, of all people, and now her “friend” and former wrestling diva Torrie Wilson is getting cozy with A-Rod.

Is dating former WWE ladies becoming “a thing” because if so, where do I sign up?

Wilson and Rodriquez were spotted riding bikes around Miami and apparently took a vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico together before Christmas.

Then, earlier this week, a source saw them working out together at the gym in her hometown of Boise, Idaho.

Wow, if going to the gym in Idaho doesn’t spell “romance,” then I don’t know what does! Ugh, they probably got muscle milkshakes for dessert and caught the matinee showing of a football game before hopping into a tractor and I dunno, tipping cows. I've never met a wrestling person or been to Idaho, but I've seen the movies, I know how these people are.

Do you think George Clooney and Stacy Kiebler go to midwestern gyms together? For his sake, I hope not.

A-Rod and Cameron Diaz broke up in September after dating for a year and a half. I don’t want to be THAT GIRL, but dating Cameron Diaz and then moving on to a former WWE star named Torrie? You know that isn’t her real name…VICTORIA!