Alex Rodriguez Lied About Illegal Poker Games

August 3, 2011 By:
Alex Rodriguez Lied About Illegal Poker Games

You know those illegal celebrity poker rings in Beverly Hills that were busted last last month? Remember...Tobey Maquire, Ben Affleck, Leo Dicaprio and Matt Damon were all accused of being involved in some secret Texas Hold'Em games?

Anyways...Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez previously denied having anything to do with these games, but eyewitnesses are saying that A-Rod definitely attended these illegal LA poker games and even held one of his own in Miami.


This is bad news for A-Rod as he could face potential fallout from Major League Baseball, especially since these games reportedly involved lots of cocaine use and MLB had previously warned A-Rod to stay away. However, this is A-Rod we're talking about, he's not exactly known for being a model citizen. Remember when he lied about using steroids, and then lied about cheating on his wife, oh and then lied about sleeping with hookers...did I miss anything?

Former poker players from these games are willing to provide testimony that A-Rod was involved on at least two occasions in the high stakes games.

Poker player Dan Bilzerian said he remembers A-Rod's first game, he remembers it specifically because A-Rod was shaken up that night when some coked-up player refused to pay up and a fight nearly broke out.

Then, a source confesses that Molly Bloom, the woman who organizes these games, apparently had an affair with A-Rod and she put together a game for the ball player and his friends in Miami in November 2009. However, that game ended badly when one player lost too much money and called in some thugs to ruff things up. A-Rod apparently left the game early.

After this game he decided he was done with these poker games. Although he keeps denying his involvement he has made no comment on these supposed eyewitness sightings.