BRICK Gym Membership Giveaway - Slim Down Secrets From Celeb Trainers

May 22, 2012 By:
BRICK Gym Membership Giveaway - Slim Down Secrets From Celeb Trainers

Hollyscoop has slim down secrets from the trainers responsible for Hollywood’s most enviable bods AND a giveaway for free membership to LA’s hottest new gym, BRICK SpeedX. BRICK SpeedX features a spin-off style of workout similar to CrossFit. Tweet us your favorite diet tips and the best five will take home a one-month free gym membership to BRICK!

1) Go Protein Powder: Leandro Carvalho is most known for creating the Brazil Butt Lift Workout plan which is the go-to workout for Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio. On his fitness blog he gives nutrition tips as well as butt-lift tips. For breakfast, he suggests cutting out cereal altogether and mixing in protein powder with your morning oatmeal. Top it off with blueberries and bananas and that’s an ideal fat burning breakfast.

2) Timing is everything: Joe Dowdell, the man responsible for getting Anne Hathaway into catwoman shape, says to spend less time resting between sets at the beginning of your workout (about 20 to 30 seconds) when your muscles aren’t exhausted yet and then spend more time resting between reps as you become fatigued (40 to 60 seconds). This will actually shorten your entire workout overall and improve endurance.

3) One at a time: Harley Pasternak, the trainer to Alicia Keys, Eva Mendes and Halle Berry says to do arm and leg lifts one at a time. Don’t try to speed up your routine by lifting two arm weights at the same time. By doing one arm at a time, your heart will have to keep pumping through the entire workout and you’ll burn more calories overall.

4) Work out on an empty stomach: I’m not saying to starve yourself but according to Chloe Sevigny’s trainer Gregg Miele, doing cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is the best. “Your body will search for an energy source, and since you’ll probably have burned all your carbohydrates overnight, it will tap into fat,” says Miele. He also says a shot of espresso before your workout will further boost metabolism.

5) Get an exercise ball: Justin Gelband, who tones the bodies of most of the Victoria’s Secret models says you must invest in an exercise ball, sometimes called a balance, stability, or pilates ball. “The exercise ball is great for core movement, balance, and stability. It is a must-have piece of equipment for sculpting model bodies.”

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