Alessandra Ambrosio Reveals World’s Best Beauty Secret

November 1, 2013 By:
Alessandra Ambrosio Reveals World’s Best Beauty Secret
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Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio gets a little help from Victoria’s Secret when it comes to maintaining her figure and she’s not keeping it to herself.

At the launch of The World’s Best Sports Bra, Alessandra shared with Hollyscoop how she keeps everything covered before she hits the gym, along with the world’s best beauty secret.

“Well, it keeps everything in place,” she said of the most crucial piece of sportswear she owns, “it’s comfortable and makes you look good.”

But how does Alessandra maintain her angelic glow year-round? When asked what her secret is, she answered, “To me, it’s a good night of sleep. You know, eight hours of sleep before you have something important to do the next day. Obviously drinking a lot of water and a healthy lifestyle.”

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