Alessandra Ambrosio on Pregnancy Cravings and Bonding with Adrianna Lima

March 26, 2012 By:
Alessandra Ambrosio on Pregnancy Cravings and Bonding with Adrianna Lima

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is expecting her second child, continues to take modeling gigs even while pregnant, and plans to go straight back to work after popping out the baby – proving that this model mommy is not slowing down.

However, she’s got competition from Adrianna Lima, who just announced she was expecting baby number two and is also no stranger to the Victoria’s Secret catwalk.

Ambrosio tells Hollyscoop that the two model mommies catch-up and bond over their shared experiences, “I saw her two weeks ago in Istanbul,” Ambrosio tells Hollyscoop at Model Your Bare Confidence Spring Fashion Event, “I was in Turkey and I saw her there…and I kind of saw that she’s…different!”

We think that’s a polite way of wondering if Lima was pregnant.

“We text each other and it’s nice that we both…we started together, we’ve been working together on the same thing and now we are both having our families, our families are getting bigger,” Alessandra tells us.

Ambrosio reveals that her daughter, Anja, and Lima’s daughter, Valentina sometimes hang out.

“Well, they saw each other a few times, and last time they were here for the show [Victoria’s Secret] they both were backstage when we were doing the rehearsals for the show!”

Ambrosio says her pregnancy cravings haven’t been too weird, nothing a little Guava fruit can’t tame.

“In the beginning of my pregnancy, I was in Brazil, all I wanted to eat was guavas…but it’s very hard to find. I’m going to Brazil tomorrow, so I’ll have a few more guavas before I have the baby!”