Alessandra Ambrosio: It's a Boy!

April 4, 2012 By:
Alessandra Ambrosio: It's a Boy!

Apparently, Alessandra Ambrosio is eight months pregnant. I thought she just ate a grape or something.

The Victoria’s Secret model is pregnant with her second child, and she has confirmed—it’s a boy.

“I am having a boy! I am so excited!” Alessandra told E!. “Because I already have a daughter I know what to expect with a girl, so having a boy means it’s going to be surprising all over again.”

I’m sorry, I can’t go on like this. How the hell is Alessandra Ambrosio eight months pregnant? If that’s eight months pregnant, Jessica Simpson is 30 months pregnant.

“My fiancé is so excited,” Alessandra said. “Now he has company! He won’t be in a house full of girls anymore!”

Hollyscoop talked to Alessandra and asked her what sort of foods she’s been craving during her pregnancy.

“In the beginning of my pregnancy I was in Brazil,” Alessandra told Hollyscoop. “And all I wanted to eat was guavas, because have guava tress in my house in Brazil. But here, it’s very hard to find.”

Alessandra told us that, after the birth, she’ll be at home with her baby for “a good month and a half.” After that, she plans to start more modeling jobs.

How she can get her post-baby body model ready in a month and a half is beyond me.

“You never know in the end,” Alessandra says, about getting back into shape. “But I’ll try.

So what are Alessandra’s workout tips for new moms? “Watch your diet. Cut your carbs, cut your sweets. And exercise. Do some cardio…45 minutes every day.”