Ireland Baldwin Defends Her Father and the ‘Pig’ Voicemail

September 6, 2012 By:
Ireland Baldwin Defends Her Father and the ‘Pig’ Voicemail

No harm, no foul?

Ireland Baldwin is speaking out at length for the first time since a vicious voicemail from her father, Alec Baldwin, was leaked in 2007. According to 16-year-old, the recorded tirade was just dad being dad.

In an interview with Page Six Magazine, Ireland delved in to the topic of her father’s explosive behavior, writing it off as a no biggie…

“I've always had a really great relationship with my dad," she told Page Six Magazine. “The only problem with that voice mail was that people made it out to be a way bigger deal than it was.”

She continued, “He’s said stuff like that before just because he’s frustrated.”

Ireland also attributed the actor’s recent paparazzi brawling spree to the same frustration…

Drunk with rage when Ireland wouldn’t answer her phone, the original message featured Alec as he spewed violent sentence after violent sentence, calling Ireland a “Pig” and telling her to relay the message “go f**k yourself” to her mother Kim Basinger.

“I don't care that you're twelve or eleven or whatever, are you pig enough to pick it up?” Alec shouted. “I'm a good father, and you're a pig.”

Despite Ireland’s nonchalant memory of the incident, at the time, the voicemail caused significant damage at home, including Alec losing his visitation rights for almost a year.

Now, with the voicemail scandal five years in the past, Ireland seems to view the incident as little more than a joke.

“We almost did something funny on YouTube, of me calling him and yelling at him," she said. "We were just talking about it the other week."

Today, the father-daughter duo has seemed to overcome the headlines and is back on good terms. In June, Ireland gave her father away to his new wife, Hilaria Thomas, during their Catholic ceremony at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the Nolita section of New York City.

Moving forward, Ireland plans to be homeschooled in Los Angeles in order to spend more time with Alec and his new bride in the Big Apple.

And that’s a wrap (for now) on the Baldwin family drama…