Alec Baldwin Walks Off During Interview

August 7, 2008 By:
Alec Baldwin Walks Off During Interview

It's safe to assume Alec Baldwin has some screws loose upstairs. During an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Baldwin told the interviewer "Lemme go find out something, hold on” and, inexplicably, went to lunch. And didn't bother returning. Who does that?? Anyway, here are some highlights from the interview before he walked out...

Alec on turning 50 in April:
“A man turns 50 and he has a funeral for the skills that he never had. He says goodbye. I’m never gonna be a cop, never gonna be a professional baseball player, never going to play the piano, a ballet dancer, the leading rusher in the NFL. All those things gone. But! There’s other things to do. The world is run by men in their 50s. So I’m trying to decide what to do when I quit this business.”

Alec on a potential career in politics:
“What would I run for? Yeah, I do have to find another career. I don’t want to do this. . . . I don’t.”

Alec on the difference between cable and network:
“I love The Sopranos; I love everything on the cable stations where it’s much more hard-edged, salty, more adult. The networks, we don’t have that luxury. … To talk about what I want to do to Condoleezza Rice sexually without saying something really, really anatomical — that takes a lot of doing.”