Alec Baldwin Tweets His 8,000th Tweet To His New Bride

August 15, 2012 By:
Alec Baldwin Tweets His 8,000th Tweet To His New Bride

Alec Baldwin, the hopeless romantic?

Though he’s not officially back to his old ways of tweeting his spur of the moment thoughts at the world, lately he is channeling his 140 character feelings through his foundation’s account. The actor sent out his 8,000th tweet and it was a charmer… A love message to his new wife, Hilaria.

Baldwin’s message came on Wednesday, through the account tied to the Alec Baldwin Foundation. The tweet carried with it a short, but sweet sonnet to Hilaria.

Along with the message was a photo from their wedding day. Baldwin wears a his black tux, white shirt and gray striped tie. He holds Hilaria close to his chest as she leans back to kiss him. The couple is shown in perfect radiance, like two mirrors reflecting epic lust back and forth at each other.

The yoga instructor wears a form-fitting white gown with a bolero and a traditional lace veil. She holds a small bouquet of white calla lilies.

Showing her appreciation for the “smile,” Hilaria – who earlier in the day sent Alec a NYC sunset - retweeted the message, adding “me encanta tu sonrisa.” Translation… “I am charmed by your smile.”

She also added, “8,000 is a lucky number.”

Alec and Hilaria tied the knot on Saturday, June 30 in New York. The bride was quick to change her surname from Thomas to Baldwin, updating her Twitter handle to @hilariabaldwin.

Maybe 8,000 really is a lucky number...

Ever since Alec married Hilaria, he seems to be a lot more docile and – probably – a lot more flexible. Congrats to the happy couple!