Alec Baldwin Quits Twitter And His Wife Gets New Handle

July 2, 2012 By:

The Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas wedding weekend ended with the couple tweeting photos of their wedding rings, Hilaria changing her Twitter handle to @hilariabaldwin, and Alec deciding to cancel his Twitter account entirely.

Social media covered, let's recap the weekend's social reality events that led to this feed. All the deets are provided courtesy of the New York Post, who undoubtedly collected them from Alec’s favorite friends, the paparazzi.

They wed Saturday taking their 200 guests to party at NYU’s Kimmel Center (Baldwin was given some sort of honorary degree from the university a couple years ago), which boasts a wall of windows facing midtown and overlooking Washington Square Park.

There were fancy foodstuffs available on the menu in both vegan and meat eater options, and wine that ranged from the not-so-fancy $10 to $27 a bottle.

The cake was cut at 1:00 a.m. and the party people kept things going till 3:00 a.m. The happy newlyweds retired to a $2000 suite at the Lowell Hotel on the Upper East Side.

The following day, Alec and Hilaria returned home -- keeping with the not-so-fancy theme -- in a cab.

They ignored the paparazzi upon entering, then left again a short while later with Ireland joining them.

“You’re gonna walk away now. You’re not going to follow us,” Alec sneered at a reporter he didn’t want trailing them.

They walked through a park, and stopped to watch a Jazz band, as Hilaria entertained herself on her cell phone.

At some point, Alec handed his daughter some cash and appeared to give her a stern lecture.

The trio met up with a couple dozen relatives and friends at a restaurant/bar to watch Spain trounce Italy in the Euro 2012 soccer finals. Thomas is of Spanish descent, and Alec was on her team, decked out in the appropriate regalia.

The not-so-fancy honeymoon weekend ended with the two returning home, separately.

Let’s hope with all the stress of planning this secret affair behind them, Alec and his yoga teacher wife will have some downtime to meditate and perhaps plan a proper honeymoon together.