Alec Baldwin Chats it Up With Bill Clinton

June 21, 2012 By:
Alec Baldwin Chats it Up With Bill Clinton

What do most people do when they’re caught red-handed doing something embarrassing in public? Hide. What does Alec Baldwin do? He goes and hangs out with President Clinton.

A day after the punch Mr. Baldwin allegedly threw at a paparazzi, he was spotted in a somewhat brighter light. The “30 Rock” actor was snapped making nice with the former President of the United States. A… gulp… DEMOCRAT!

GASP… What would Jack Donaghy say?

A strange series of events somehow managed to put the two celebs in each other’s paths. The duo smiled, shook hands, and embraced in the most professional bear-on-bear hug ever produced.

Clinton wore a grey suit, while Baldwin sported a casual/prep look with kakis and an open navy jacket.

In light of the recent Baldwin drama, we can only assume that the men exchanged stories of their most embarrassing public experiences. In one shot, Baldwin held back laughter at one of the president’s jokes.

(Pres Clinton: “You know Alec, this reminds me of a joke that involves a priest, a dead hooker, and a bottle of Peach schnapps…)

In case you’re not caught up to speed with the recent happenings of Mr. Baldwin, here’s an update…

While coming out a City Hall after retrieving a marriage license, the actor reportedly punched and shoved a photographer from the New York Daily News. This is all according the New York Daily News.

Alec’s take on the incident is that the photographer nearly hit him in the face with the camera and he was only defending himself. He has since gone on Charlie Rose to defend himself.