Alec Baldwin Blames Airline Behavior on 9/11

December 8, 2011 By:
Alec Baldwin Blames Airline Behavior on 9/11

If American Airlines flight attendants are gym teachers, Alec Baldwin is acting like a ten year-old troublemaker.

Following his Twitter outburst yesterday after being ejected from a flight, Alec Baldwin decided to deactivate his Twitter account writing:

“Let’s play a game called Mass Unfollowing. I want to crash this acct and start again.”

After after that, Baldwin wrote a lengthy Huffington post article in which he apologized to passengers and further explained his behavior on the flight.

“I would like to apologize to the other passengers onboard the American Airlines flight that I was thrown off of yesterday. It was never my intention to inconvenience anyone with my ‘issue’ with a certain flight attendant.”

From there, he took about five paragraphs to say that he got mad because the flight attendant was being mean to him.

“I was singled out by this woman in the most unpleasant of tones. I guess the fact that this woman, who had decided to make some example of me, while everyone else was left undisturbed, did get the better of me.”

I want to like Alec Baldwin, I really do. I think his 30 Rock character is awesome, and I love his voice, his demeanor, etc. But he’s a grown man who’s complaining about not being able to play a game and the teacher was mean to him.

From there, Baldwin started talking about 9/11.

“September 11th was a horrific day in the airline industry, yet in the wake of that event, I believe carriers and airports have used that as an excuse to make the air travel experience as inelegant as possible.”

Let’s play Words With Friends or the terrorists win!

He also refers to airline industry workers as “paramilitary.”

What’s with celebs doing dumb things and then trying to pin it on some deeper issue? I cheated on my wife… it all goes back to the regime of Pol Pot.

Come on, Alec! It was cute when it was just you acting like a diva, but now it’s just ridiculous. He concluded:

“Most of the flight attendants I have ever encountered still have some remnant of the old idea of service. Add to that the notion that in this day and age, many people have a lot of important work to do, by phone, and would like to do so till the last possible minute. But there are many now who walk the aisles of an airplane with a whistle around their neck and a clipboard in their hands and they have made flying a Greyhound bus experience.”