Alec Baldwin Attacks Another Photographer in New York

June 29, 2012 By:
Alec Baldwin Attacks Another Photographer in New York

On this weeks episode of ‘Alec Baldwin Attacks...’

A week after his reported attack on New York Daily News photographer, Alec Baldwin is clashing with another NYC photog. This time, it’s all on tape…

Outside of his apartment building, Baldwin approaches the photographer seeing red. He’s wearing sunglasses and has an overgrown shave. Baldwin grabs the photographer’s arm and spews his wrath…

“I want you to leave my neighbor alone,” Baldwin demands.

The photographer, looking all sorts of terrified at what was happening, insists that he is just doing his job.

“Shut up,” said Baldwin.

The photographer pleas for mercy, whimpering, “You’re breaking my arm.”

Baldwin starts to retreat back to his apartment, but quickly turns back to drive his point home.

“I want you to shut the f**k up and get out of here.”

According to TMZ, the photog was harassing Alec’s neighbors and even had a confrontation with one of them before the Alec incident. One resident asked the photog to “stop harassing everyone,” to which the photog replied, “f**k you.”

What brings the outburst to a whole new level of awesome is the fact that, along with Baldwin’s stone cold stare, his abrasive tone, and his foul language, underneath his arm is what appears to be a pink pillow pet. So, anything he says – no matter how coarse and threatening - is immediately mocked by the fluffy companion he carries.

Alec makes no mention of the girly stuffed animal, nor takes notice of it… Instead he maintains a stare that would make even the Great and Power Oz tremble. Satisfied, he offers one more taunt…

“You little girl,” he mutters.

He storms off into the apartment building.

You can’t write comedy as good as this. Well done, Alec… You had us at “little girl.”