Alec Baldwin Assaults Paparazzi After Leaving Hospital

February 12, 2010 By:
Alec Baldwin Assaults Paparazzi After Leaving Hospital

“30 Rock” star Alec Baldwin was briefly examined at a New York City hospital early Thursday after his daughter called 911 saying she was scared he was going to take pills following an argument they had. But now Alec's rep claims the entire thing was just one big "misunderstanding."

Alec was taken New York's Lenox Hill Hospital after his daughter called 911 but he was released just an hour later.

His spokesperson said: "This was a misunderstanding on one person's part. Alec was quickly released from the hospital, he's completely fine and will be at work. If there was a real problem, he wouldn't have been released within an hour."

Upon leaving the hospital he basically assaulted a photographer. Was that a misunderstanding too? Tim Wiencis from the New York Post started to ask Alec questions about his daughter when he was trying to leave the hospital and a few questions turned into an ugly situation.

An eyewitness told E! News that Baldwin began shouting, "This guy! This guy!" when he spotted Wiencis, with whom we're guessing he has some history. He grabbed Wiencis by the collar but police quickly broke them up. "He lunged for the photographer, grabbed him, and then the police separated the two," the source said.

"He then turned around and said, 'This man's just assaulted me, call 911,'" the source said. "His bellman called 911. I've never seen police turn up so fast in this city. Within minutes, there were four police cars."

Baldwin was taken back inside the hospital for his own safety but was allowed to leave shortly after. So what's the "misunderstanding" with the photog?