DIY Celebrity Halloween Costumes

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DIY Celebrity Halloween Costumes
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Halloween is right around the corner and the "what to wear" question can be agonizing. Princess costumes went out with elementary school. Scary costumes were already tired by the time you got to high school. And slutty costumes won’t fly outside of a college party. So what’s left? Celebrity dress-up costumes!

Don’t think an Obama costume will still be cool this year, that was SOOO 2008. Kim Kardashian costumes are even kind of old-school by now, so this year we’ve rounded up 2012’s most relevant celebrities and an easy STEP-BY-STEP guide on how-to get their look.

Miley Cyrus (What you’ll need)

-An “Ellen DeGeneres” wig, brush the bangs up and backwards and coat it in hairspray.

-Cut off denim shorts. The shorter, the better.

-Black combat boots.

- A plain t-shirt cut the sleeves off and the midsection.

- A fake “engagement ring”

- A pseudo southern accent, y’all!

Alana “Honey Boo Boo Child” Thompson

-Decide first if you want to be Honey Boo Boo at a pageant, or in her daywear. We’ll do her daywear.

- Don’t do your hair. Just don’t do anything to it.

- Find a pair of biker shorts or leggings from Wal-Mart and pair it with something with flowers, pastels, stripes, or any sort of cartoon character shirt.

-An empty water bottle filled with mountain dew and red bull.


Psy (“Gangnam Style” Guy)

- A pair of his iconic glasses – they are part wayfarer shades, part John Lennon frames.

- A bright suit, preferably light blue or lime green, but he’s been known to rock a black suit. Make sure it fits perfectly.

-Black and white oxfords, it’s all he wears on his feet.

- Black hair dye and gel. Spray your hair black and slick it back!

- Make sure you can dance! There’s nothing worse than showing up to a party dressed as Psy but when the song comes on you can’t bust a move.


Christian Grey from "Fifty Shades of Grey

-A suit, a gray tie, and gray contact lenses.

-Try to wake up from bed with perfectly tousled hair (think Robert Pattinson), if not, invest in some hair pomade. If you don’t know what that is, ask your girlfriend.

- a handcuff, cable ties, or maybe a blindfold and hang it out of your pocket.

- The keys to a black AUDI R8 Spyder.


The NEW Lindsay Lohan

 -Slapping on a Fedora and an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet just won’t cut it for a Lindsay Lohan costume anymore.

-Get a wig, either bleach blonde or fire hydrant red, her hair will probably be a different color by Halloween anyways.

- An energy drink, because remember you don’t drink anymore.

- Faux tanner or just tons of facial bronzer.

- Grab a friend, tell her to dress like Dina Lohan and start yelling at her.


Amanda Bynes

-Use your Lindsay Lohan wig and your Miley Cyrus shorts

-A leather jacket

-Black oversized glasses

-Red lipstick

-A pipe from which to smoke out of and an expired license.


Ryan Lochte

- An Olympic gold medal

- Black rimmed glasses

- A gold grill for your teeth

- 10 pack abs (get ‘em or draw ‘em on)

- Practice not being good at answering easy questions.


Pregnant Snooki

-Regular Snooki is so two years ago, but pregnant Snooki is fair game this Halloween.

-Ditch the spray tan, but put on your tallest guidette heels.

-A tight dress that hugs the baby belly

-Long hair with extensions and high-lights that don’t start at the root. No hair poof this time.

-Your iPhone to document the entire night via Instagram.