Al Roker Nearly Blown Away During Hurricane – Is NBC Punishing Him?

August 29, 2012 By:
Al Roker Nearly Blown Away During Hurricane – Is NBC Punishing Him?

Poor Al Roker, he is either suffering a series of unfortunate events or he’s trying really hard to get fired from the "Today" show.

After his face freezing incident a couple weeks ago when he stared blankly at the camera while Matt Lauer flirted with Savannah Guthrie and then his "throw people under the bus" comment to he made to Lauer, Roker is now trying to avoid getting killed in the midst of Hurricane Isaac.

While trying to report the weather, Al Roker and The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore stood right in the heart of the hurricane currently moving through New Orleans and were doubled over wordlessly for about 30 seconds.

There’s nothing worse than 30 seconds of silence when it comes to the news, but this clip has already gone viral on the Internet.

Both dudes are gripping onto one another like the jaws of death as the wind blows them several feet down the street. In another video, Cantore had to adopt a “Tebow” stance (aka knees on the ground, forehead on fist) just to withstand the rain and wind.

Al Roker is the premier weatherman for NBC, so when a hurricane hits town it’s pretty big weather news, but do you think that NBC is punishing Al Roker for his bizarre TV gaffes? Who sends a high salaried, New York weatherman into a deadly storm in New Orleans!? Isn't that what local news station affiliates are for anyway?

Oh, but wait...This isn't the first hurricane trip for Roker, he's had many in his career. Most notably, in 2005 when the famous weatherman traveled to Naples, Florida to pull off a report on Hurricane Wilma and ended up wiping out on live TV.

Given his recent antics, everyone is joking that Al Roker is trying to get fired from the "Today" show after how they unceremoniously sacked Ann Curry. If that's the case, this storm fiasco seems like a pretty intense way to punish their outspoken weatherman.

It’s pretty intense, check out the video for yourself and see it to believe it.